How Much Do Thomasville Cabinets Cost?

Want to own gorgeous cabinets that will provide the upgrade your room deserves? Thomasville cabinets are the upgrades you need.


The Thomasville Company has a wide range of products from home furnishings, accessories to cabinetry. Though all their product lines are known, the company is more known for their assembled and custom-sized cabinets. They have the cabinets you need for all the rooms in your home.

The company sells cabinets known for their strength, storage solutions, and styles that fit any home. They sell premium label cabinets known for their artistry and elegance, and for this, the company became one of the top American brands for cabinets.

So, how much is the cost of Thomasville cabinets?

Thomasville Cabinets Average Cost

It vary per type, model, style, and specifications, among others. The cabinets are available on Thomasville’s company stores or from retailers that carry the brand. The kitchen cabinetry, on the other hand, is exclusively sold at Home Depot.


The cabinets are available also at Chairish, and the range is from $299 to $4,875.The following are the actual costs of cabinets from the site:

Mahogany China Cabinet 36.0ʺW × 16.0ʺD × 66.0ʺH Traditional $299 (from $550)
Ten Drawer Solid Wood Chest of Drawers 42.0ʺW × 19.0ʺD × 45.0ʺH Mid-Century Modern $350 (from $400)
Vintage Armoire Cabinet 38.0ʺW × 19.0ʺD × 60.0ʺH Traditional $395 (from $675)
Armoire Cabinet 40.0ʺW × 18.0ʺD × 62.25ʺH Country, Traditional $550 (from $875)
Vintage Armoire Cabinet 40.0ʺW × 19.5ʺD × 58.0ʺH Cottage, Shabby Chic $750
Faux Bamboo Armoire Cabinet 30.5ʺW × 19.0ʺD × 74.5ʺH Asian, Boho $1,035 (from $2,800)
Collector’s Corner China Cabinet 36.5ʺW × 19.0ʺD × 79.0ʺH Queen Anne $1,350 (from $1,500)
Tamerlane Chinoiserie Style Dresser 76.0ʺW × 20.0ʺD × 30.5ʺH Mid-Century Modern $1,800 (from $2,250)
Media Armoire Cabinet 42.0ʺW × 26.625ʺD × 78.0ʺH American Classical $1,850
Huntley Lacquered Cabinet 18.5ʺW × 70.5ʺD × 31.5ʺH Mid-Century Modern $2,400 (from $3,199)
Mid-Century Bedroom Set – Set of 3 42.0ʺW × 20.0ʺD × 54.0ʺH Mid-Century Modern $4,630
Hollywood Regency Chiffoniers – A Pair 20.0ʺW × 35.0ʺD × 72.0ʺH Hollywood $4,875

You can also buy the cabinets from eBay. Again, the different specifications and conditions cause the cost of Thomasville cabinets to differ.


The following are the actual costs of cabinets from the site:

China Cabinet 50.0ʺW × 16.0ʺD × 75.0ʺH Dark Wood Tone Wood $350
China Cabinet 68.0″L x 18.0″D x 85.0″H Dark Brown Solid Cherry $699
Dining Room Hutch 68.0ʺW × 16.0ʺD × 84.0ʺH Brown Maple $720
China Cabinet 60.0ʺW × 16.0ʺD × 80.0ʺH Cherry Cherry $900
China Cabinet 72.0ʺW × 19.0ʺD × 33.0ʺH Mahogany Birch $1,500
China Corner Cabinet 25.0ʺW × 23.0ʺD × 79.0ʺH Dark Wood Tone Cherry $1,700

If you are interested in custom-sized Thomasville kitchen cabinets, you can visit the Home Depot nearest you.


The price quotations above cover only the cost of the cabinet. Shipping and delivery costs are not included.


If you can get a quotation for kitchen cabinetry, included therein would be the cost of materials, labor, and limited lifetime warranty offered by the company. Installation of the custom-sized kitchen cabinetry may be serviced by the company and will be an additional cost. You can also DIY the installation.

The company offers a limited warranty for its product lines for the original buyers of the cabinets.

thomasville cabinet costs

Other Costs to Consider

  • Service Fee Chairish charges a 4% service fee based on the selling price of the cabinets. For instance, for the Media Armoire Cabinet costing $1,850, you also have to pay for Service Fee amounting to $74.
  • Shipping and Delivery Costs The cost to ship the cabinets are on top of the price and vary depending on where it will be shipped. For Chairish, shipping options and cost are determined by the shipping address and where the items are located.


For instance, for the Media Armoire Cabinet, the pricing $1,850, the buyer can have it shipped or opt to pick it up at Scranton, Pennsylvania. If it will be shipped to Carson City, California, the shipping cost is $589 while if it will be shipped to New York, New York, the shipping is $459.

As for eBay, some listings indicate that the item is pick-up only. The buyer has to contact the seller to arrange to pay and pick-up the item.

  • Delivery from Curbside to Home – For kitchen cabinetry, the purchase is shipped prepaid to the curbside address that the buyer will provide. The buyer is responsible for moving the cabinetry from the delivery curbside to the home or any location. Cost for said delivery will differ on how far it will be transported and also per locality.


Buying Tips

First, have an idea of what type of cabinet you want. With the limitless choices available, having no idea will set you back in terms of time and other resources. You can browse through available inspiration galleries or catalogs of the company to have, at least, an initial idea of what you want.

For the kitchen cabinetry lines, Home Depot can help you with the design. You can book an appointment with the Home Depot designer. There are also different tools you can use such as the Kitchen Estimator and the 10′ x 10′ Kitchen Pricing to estimate the expenses.

Free design service is available, and you can also opt to view an actual sample of wood grains, color, and finishes to get a better look and feel of your would-be cabinets.


You can also use the Store Locator on the company’s site to know where to purchase your pre-assembled cabinets.

Thomasville Cabinets Cost Factors

  • Wood Materials – The company uses a variety of wood for the cabinets. You can choose from Oak, Maple, Cherry, Hickory, and Alder.
  • Styles – Different styles are available for the cabinets. They can either be traditional, contemporary, rustic or casual. The different styles have different cots.
  • Accessories – The accessories in the cabinets also have a wide-range of options. Different styles and materials are available for cabinet doors, handles, embellishments, and hardware, to name a few. They have different costs, too.


  • Colors, Glazes, and Finishes – The cabinets have different colors, glazes, and finishes available.
  • Options for Organization – What will be placed in the cabinets can be organized by the different options available such as pull-out trays for the pantry, wine pull-out trays, utensil divider, lazy susan, and dish organizers, to name just a few.

What Else You Need to Know

Worried you can’t afford Thomasville cabinets with the funds you have right now? The company offers financing for your purchase. You can apply for the financing at the company’s Home Furnishing Stores or participating dealers.

Thomasville cabinets are not only beautiful but also functional. They last a long time with proper care and maintenance. There are even markets for reselling pre-assembled cabinets.

Thomasville cabinets are known for their functionality, strength, and performance. The cabinets can be considered heirloom pieces, and this makes the Thomasville cabinets well worth it.


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