How Much Does A Sundance Spa Hot Tub Cost?

People today have been indulging in relaxing activities. However, they never seem to have the time to travel great distances to achieve this goal. The next best option is to spend a little more to experience luxury in the comfort of your own home.

Sundance Spas are very well-known for their amazing comfort, exquisite design, and not to mention their efficacy in providing therapeutic benefits. Therefore mark them as one of the best providers in the market today.

Sundance spas prices may vary because of the wide selection of models and series. Buyers can manipulate digital controls to better fill their needs, and all models promote Hydrotherapy which can provide you the ultimate relaxation at its maximum potential.


Sundance Hot Tubs Average Cost

Sundance has effectively minimized the hassle of questioning the cost of Sundance hot tubs. Each design name is followed by a dollar sign ($) to identify its rate in the market. This can be found on the Sundance Spas official website.

Looking for a romantic, rejuvenating experience with that special someone? Tacoma is the perfect fit for you. This 2-seater cozy tub will definitely enhance your intimate experience. Its current average cost as of this date is at $6,790.

In other cases, if you’re looking for a luxurious experience, then Kingston, from the 980 Series would be the best choice for you! With its current price of $19,060 (base rate) to $20,100 (with entertainment facilities), a tub party will surely arise. Check out more prices at Backyards of America.


The cost of Sundance hot tubs varies from model and series, which can range from $3,000 – $30,000, depending on which distributor you are buying it from. Consumers usually compare prices from different distributors in their cities to find the best price and even find discounts to save a bit more.

Competition is widespread in terms of market value and effectiveness but it is highly assured that Sundance Spas can provide you everything you are looking for in a hot tub. Top ten reviews rate Sundance Spas to be one of the best and most popular brands to cater to your hot tub needs.


Aside from buying the hot tub itself, it is recommended to consider the prices of incorporating your outdoor tub.

  • Hot tub accessories – this includes all the accessories needed for setting up the tub. This may be a separate charge from the Sundance spas prices presented by the distributor.


  • Delivery and installation – from the distributor to your home, as well as packaging to installation, prices may be included in the total purchase quoted to you.
  • Warranties and maintenance – upon agreement and consignment of your purchase, the tub may be subject to time-limited warranties that you may avail of during your time of use in case there is any damage to the functionality of the hot tub.

Other Costs to Consider

Always remember, that there is more to just purchasing your Sundance Spa hot tub. There are many accessories for you to choose from which can also enhance your luxurious lifestyle.


Here are some accessories and maintenance supplies that you may want to add along with your new Sundance hot tub:

  • Sundance hot tub cover – $250-$500
  • Sundance Microclean filter – $13-$100
  • Sunpurity Mineral Sanitizer – $25-$40
  • Fuzzy bath towels – $9-$50

Along with all these, you may want to think about maintenance and cleaning. Prices may vary and can range from $29 to $600. All of this considered, along with the average Sundance Spas prices, then you are surely going to get the best out of your purchase.


Buying Tips

Gone through all the website reviews? Do you think this brand is for you? Here are some simple tips in order to have a hassle-free experience with the greatest relaxation of your life.

  • Look for at least 2 – 3 Sundance spas distributors in your area. Compare prices and see which distributor can offer you the best price. Try getting your quote on the official Sundance Spas website.
  • Sundance hot tub prices differ from model and series. Make sure that you choose the model that suits your needs perfectly. Seek medical advice and have your body reexamined to get the best hydrotherapeutic benefits.
  • With purchasing a Sundance hot tub, pick up the best items to go along with the tub to help you maintain and keep cleanliness at 100%.

Sundance Spas hot tubs are available for quotation from your nearby dealer. Find your nearby dealer at websites like shop the great escape, shop pool city, or shopzilla.


Cutting down on expenses? Try out pre-owned tubs for sale! Head on to the What’s the best tub forum or alibaba and get the lowest rates available.

Sundance Spa Hot Tub

Sundance Hot Tub Cost Factors

Aside from the expected utility expenses (water and electricity consumption), here are other factors that may affect your purchase.


City or area – prices are usually determined by looking for distributors that offer Sundance Spa hot tubs in your area. Finding a nearby distributor may lessen the cost of delivery fees and could also provide you with timely discounts.

Model and series – the cost of your purchase can also be determined by the model of the hot tub you choose. Make time to assure yourself of which model suits you and your needs.

Usage and other expenses – a few other expenses may arise as you would need to have the tub maintained. Stock up with filters and cleaners to keep your tub well maintained. Distributors may provide you with a bundle package when it comes to purchasing the tub and several accessories.


Landspace You need to have ample space in order to effectively install your new hot tub. Your surroundings will also greatly affect your experience.

Brand new or pre-owned – different websites also offer second hand hot tubs or pre-owned tubs for much lower prices.

What Else You Need to Know

If you are really interested in purchasing a sundance hot tub, there are many forums that have discussions regarding the product. You may just be lucky enough to find someone looking to upgrade and sell off their old (but still operational) model. Try heading on to What’s the best hot tub to find the best reviews and deals.


Listed below are the hot tub models according to series:

  1. Select® Series (5-6 seater)
  • Contance®
  • Victoria™
  1. 980™ Series (5-7 seater)
  • Kingston™
  • Clairmont™
  1. 880™ Series (2-8 seater)
  • Aspen®
  • Maxxus®
  • Optima®
  • Cameo®
  • Altamar®
  • Marin®
  • Capri®


  1. 780™ Series (2-7 seater)
  • Chelsee®
  • Hamilton™
  • Montclair™
  • Bristol™
  • Hanover™
  • Dover™
  1. 680™ Series (2-6 seater)
  • Mckinley®
  • Ramona®
  • Edison®
  • Peyton®
  • Denali®
  • Tacoma®
  • Prado™

Itching to finally have that Sundance Spas hot tub? Buy one today! Take some time off, enjoy, and let all the relaxation and luxury fill your soul for a full rejuvenation.


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