How Much Does a Stove Cost?

The major basis of buying a stove usually depends on whether to use a gas or an electric stove. Both types of the stove have their own pros and cons to be considered. There are so many factors that affect the cost like the inclusion of installation fees.

There is also range which refers to a combination of cooking appliances such as a cooktop stove and an oven. The range offers two appliances built-in together for a better price. It provides powerful functionality, versatile lay-outing and space efficiency in the kitchen.


  • Gas – most preferred type of cooktop since the control of the heat output is quite easy and visible. The heat is also distributed uniformly to the cookware. But for gas ovens, they are more difficult to use in baking because of the uneven temperature inside the oven.
  • Electric – divided into three types of cooktops. The smooth ceramic glass and electrical coil cooktops are sensitive to use because of the difficulty to read the temperature. They are also slow in increasing and decreasing the heat of the burner. Meanwhile, the induction cooktop is the safest and most efficient in cooking.

Electric oven, on the other hand, is the best for baking due to the even distribution of the temperature by the heating element. The baking result under the electric oven is preferred by the most in comparison to the gas counterpart.

  • Dual Fuel – utilizes the power of gas and electricity. The cooktop is either dual-powered or gas burner. Meanwhile, the electric oven is typically combined in such range to take advantage of the superiority of an electric oven over a gas oven.

Average Cost for Stove

Regardless of how much a stove would cost, the mindset of the consumers should focus on the functionality that they need. Instead of spending tons of money on high-tech products, it is more feasible to base on the necessity. There are popular brands that dominate the retail shop such as Samsung, LG, Frigidaire, Whirlpool and even the luxurious Jenn-air.


The average cost for a cooktop stove is around $340-$2,500 while for a range, it costs about $600-$10,000.

The breakdown among major brands are as follows:

  • Samsung – the gas-fueled cooktops cost around $1,300-$1,700 with WiFi functionality, LED control panels, dual power burners, and a 19,000-22,000 BTU. Meanwhile, the electric types would be $1,200-$1,500 with the same bonus features and a ceramic glass surface. The induction cooktops can be bought for around $2,200-$2,500.
  • Frigidaire – the appliances cost $400-$1,400 with a griddle, four to six burners and a heating power of 9,000-12,000 BTU. The electric cooktops would be around $420-$650 with an electric foil and $600-$1,400 with a ceramic glass surface. Meanwhile, about $1,500-$2,500 for an induction type.


  • LG – the gas appliances would be around $1,000-$1,500 with five burners and a 17,000 BTU while the electrics cost around $1,000-$1,300 with a ceramic glass surface.
  • Whirlpool – the gas-fueled appliances is priced around $400-$1,200 with a 9,000 BTU. The electric counterpart would be $340-$380 with an electric coil and $500-$1,250 with a ceramic glass surface. The induction cooktops of such brand are about $1,400.
  • Jenn-air – the gas types cost $900-$2,000 with a 9,000-15,000 BTU. The electic types can be yours for around $1,050-$2,000 while for the induction types cost $1,900-$2,100.


Additional Costs

The delivery and shipping fees are usually not included in the retail price of the appliances. The buyer might shoulder the transportation fee, especially for large units. Frigidaire has a minimum $25 shipping fee and typically ships the product within 24 hours. If the shipped product is defective or damaged, Frigidaire replaces the unit without an additional cost.

The cost of installation is either free or shouldered by the buyer. Jenn-air provides installation credit or $1,000 discount to the buyers who met the minimum requirement. But for those who are not familiar of how to hook up a gas stove properly, they should avail services from the professionals. Such providers charge for their services around $50-$195 per appliance or $40-$600 for larger appliances.

If new lines are needed, the installation fees will go up. The replacement or installment of new lines cost around $150. Large retailers like Sears and Lowe’s provide an option for their customers to avail the delivery and install service of the new appliances bought at their shop. They usually offer a flexible mode of payment and provide trained technicians to perform the necessary service.


Factors Affecting the Stove’s Quotes

  • Fuel Type

The primary factor that affects the price of stove or range depends on the fuel type. Appliances that run on gas are usually break-even with the cost of electric types especially those that use electric coils. On the other hand, electric appliances that have ceramic glass cost more than the usual. Meanwhile, the dual-powered appliances are the most expensive type.

  • Design Style

There are three available styles namely: freestanding, slide-in, and drop-in. Freestanding is cheaper since it can be fitted anywhere in the kitchen. Meanwhile, slide-in is more expensive since the style is designed to fit between cabinets and to sit flush with the kitchen countertop. The drop-in is similar with slide-in but fitted along the countertop.


  • Convection

Products with convection inside the oven are much more expensive. The convection is essential in improving the overall temperature control inside the oven and in cooking the food evenly. Some products have multiple convections which increase the price of the unit significantly.

  • Induction Cooktops

The appliances that use induction technology can significantly increase the overall cost. The reason is, the technology requires special cookware made of ferromagnetic to work. The surface of the cooktop is not hot and can only transmit heat with the required cookware. Jenn-air provides free induction cookware to their customers as part of the transaction.


  • Warranty

Product warranty is a good indicator since it provides a guarantee to the buyer. The warranty typically covers  2-years maintenance of the product and 5-years replacement of the broken internal components. The coverage of warranty varies from one model to another.

  • Griddles and Extra Compartments

Griddles are used to keep the food warm without burning them while cooking another food. There are also models with extra compartments and burners which give flexibility to the user to cook multiple foods at the same time.

  • Other Features

There are models capable of WiFi and Bluetooth connection for long-distance control. New modes for cooking such as a timer, resting and temperature control are available in the latest models. The control modules are also digitized and easy to operate. There is also a feature in some product called a self-cleaning. It cost extra and usually save up time cleaning the inside of the oven.


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