How Much Does Scotts Lawn Service Cost?

Lawns are one of the first things people notice before entering your home. Keeping it in peak condition is something most people have a tough time maintaining. Since most people have very busy lives, a company like Scotts Lawn Service can be heaven sent.

You may ask yourself how much does Scotts Lawn Service cost and what’s included in the care plan. These questions along with other common ones will be answered as you read through.

Scotts Lawn Service Average Cost


Scotts service is a complete lawn care package that will do wonders for you. Since every case is different from the other, Scotts will customize its service to fit the needs of your home. Therefore, there is no specific price for their service.

Scotts lawn service expenses would vary for every household. A customer along with his neighbors at was billed $42 for one lawn service regardless of the size of the area. This fee will increase depending on the amount of labor needed and the total size of the area where the work will be done. A safe estimate should be around $50 to $80 per service.



Scotts lawn care plan includes everything your lawn could ever need. The service will be tailor-made to your specifications.

  • Overseeding – this will give an even spread of grass growth throughout the area. The grass will be of your choosing. They have a wide variety of grass to choose from.
  • Aeration – adding holes to your lawn will make sure the seeds penetrate deep in the soil. This will give the roots a firm grip to the ground to withstand different weather conditions.
  • Weed Control – It’s a fact that nobody wants weeds. Scotts weed control formula will surely prevent these pesky plants from ruining your lawn. Weeds like dandelions and other broad leaf weeds will no longer be a problem.


  • Crab Grass Control – this type of weed can be quite difficult to deal with. Scotts developed a formula specially made for fighting crab grass. With this formula, crab grass will be a thing of the past.
  • Insect Control – pests are found almost everywhere. This formula will surely kill off those annoying insects that do nothing but ruin your lawn. Grubs, webworms, and other insects will surely have their numbers reduced.
  • Lawn Food – this will keep everything fertilized and healthy throughout the year. You can expect greener lawns as well as lusher grass thanks to this product.


Other Costs to Consider

Lawn care service isn’t the only thing Scotts can provide. There are other services the company has to offer. These services will add to the above quote.

  • Scheduled Service – Scotts provides scheduled maintenance that will be specific to every season. If you choose this service, your lawn will be in tip top shape all year round.
  • Equipment – there are many types of equipment that you may purchase for keeping your lawn healthy. Products such as seeders can be used to evenly distribute grass seeds. Other items such as aeration devices will help the seeds go deep under the soil.
  • Lawn Maintenance – Trimming and edging the grass of your lawn is equally as important as fertilizing it. You can hire pros to do these services for an added fee.


  • Tree and Hedge Care – If you choose to have your trees and hedges trimmed and fertilized, Scotts has a service for this.

scotts lawn mower

Buying Tips

Finding the right service for your needs sounds difficult, but it’s easier than you think. Visit Scotts official website and customize their lawn care plan to your specifications.


You can easily search for other pros in your area using websites like Home Advisor. Simply enter your details and you can get quotes from many different service providers.

Scotts Lawn Service Cost Factors 

There are a few things that can affect Scotts lawn service quotes. These are the factors that can determine how much you will spend on their service.

  • Size of Lawn – The bigger your lawn, the higher the cost of the service. Wider areas will need more grass seeds and will require more products such as weed control and fertilizer. This is the biggest factor.
  • Type of Grass – Different kinds of grass come with different prices. Bermuda for example is always widely available which makes it cheaper than Elite Bluegrass. Different strains will need different climate conditions.


  • Location – The distance of your home or establishment from the nearest Scotts service can affect the price. If you live close to a Scotts establishment, it will be cheaper since they won’t spend much on gas in bringing their team to you.
  • Types of Added Service – If you choose to add other services, this will add to your total bill.
  • Condition of Your Lawn – Whether your lawn is overgrown and full of weeds, or dried and almost dead, this will add to the price. Other factors such as climate will determine what type of grass they will use which in turn can increase or decrease the cost of the service.
  • DIY – if you choose to do the whole care plan yourself, this will greatly affect the price. There are lawn care packages available online and physical stores that you can use and follow. Though there will be some equipment that you will need if you choose to do so. There is a step-by-step guide online that will guide you through the whole process.


What Else You Need to Know

Recently, TruGreen has bought Scotts Lawn Care Company. This makes the two major companies one big powerhouse. Both are experts in lawn care and choosing either will surely give you what you need.

There are other companies like Lawn Doctor and Oasis Turf and Tree that can give competitive rates for the same service. You should get quotes from various companies, so you can determine which is best for you.

If you decide to do the lawn care yourself, you will need equipment for seeding and for aeration. These are easy to use but the initial purchase should be considered.

If you choose a professional service like Scotts, you will surely get your money’s worth.


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