How Much Do Pool Cleaning Services Cost?

The maintenance of a pool is quite a tedious work and needs proper overall cleaning to extend the pool’s lifespan. It is especially true with the scrubbing to clean the tiles and walls which can take up a lot of the time. The maintenance of the water quality, filter system, and chemical composition are also necessary and complicated.

Water balancing is essential to avoid any damage to the filter system, pipes, and tiles. The problem with water balancing is that it involves chemicals which require proper usage and handling. If not properly maintained, the pool equipment and structures can suffer from chemical erosion over time.

In worst case scenario, it can result in expensive repairs or replacement of the pool components. It also can turn into health hazard or accident prone depending on the extent of the damage.


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Pool Cleaning Services Average Cost

The importance of hiring professional cleaners is to protect your initial investment in the swimming pool since they have trained technicians to assure that your pool is in always in a pristine condition.

The average rate for cleaning a swimming pool is around $40 to $200 depending on the coverage of the service, pool size, and current condition.



Service providers offer packages with varying pool cleaning services prices that depend on the scope of works. Therefore, the scope of work has a direct impact on the cost. Also, the inclusions can vary a lot from one service provider to another. It is important to compare at least two providers.

  • Debris removal – netting and vacuuming
  • Brushing of pool’s walls and tiles
  • Chemical service – water balancing, water test, and disinfection
  • Cleaning of the skimmer basket
  • Cleaning of the filter – backwashing if necessary
  • Pool equipment monitoring
  • Maintenance report and priority repair report


The service frequency depends on the agreed contract. But the recommended for a residential pool is weekly or at least twice a month. For public pools, daily or weekly is necessary to sustain the quality of the pools due to a larger number of swimmers.

Other Costs to Consider While Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

  • Start-Up Fee

The initial assessment and cleaning of the swimming pool can yield additional fees. The start-up cost usually covers the visitation of the technician to the site and for the first stabilization of the pool. The cost is around $25 to $75 or more depending on the current condition of the pool. If the pool is in poor condition, expect to pay extra for the additional labor and chemicals needed to restore the pool.


  • Annual Fee for Stabilizer

The cyanuric acid is a necessary chemical agent that condition or optimizes the chlorine in the pool. The importance of the stabilizer is to prevent the chlorine from degrading due to the UV light exposure. The annual fee is usually not included in the pool cleaning services prices and billed separately. The cost of the re-stabilization is around $15 annually.

  • Unscreened pools

Swimming pools without cover can yield an additional cost to maintain and clean. It is because debris can directly enter the pool’s water. The build-up of the debris is much faster for unscreened pools and requires more labor to remove.

Buying Tips

Most of the service providers offer a complete package including basic cleaning of the pool, equipment monitoring, and chemical services. But just make sure to hire pool cleaning services near you that have insurance to protect your investment. The insurance covers any property damage or injuries within the pool premises.


Here is a list of some of the service providers that offer pool cleaning packages. The price is relatively affected by the scope of work, duration, and size of the pool. Also, all of the providers have trained technicians that guarantee the quality of their service.

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There are also service providers that offer free use of their salt chlorine generator. It is a piece of equipment that will be installed in your swimming pool for free within the duration of the contract. It lowers the level of chlorine in the pool to attain smooth and silky attributes of the water.

Service providers like Pool Troopers and Bay Area Pool market their services with the free use of salt chlorine generator.

Therefore, chemical maintenance of the swimming pool is minimal and easier to sustain. The generator costs around $1,200 to $1,500 but such service providers rent them for free to maintain high-quality service to their customers.

Also, make sure to check pool cleaning services near you with free saltwater chlorine generator for better pool maintenance.


What Affects The Quote For Swimming Pool Cleaning?

  • Pool Size

The overall size of the pool can directly affect the price of swimming pool cleaning services. The volume of chemical depends on the capacity of the pool. Hence, larger pools might need extra chemicals to balance the pool water. The area required to clean is directly proportional to the size of the pool. Large pools require more labor to finish cleaning the walls and tiles on time.

  • Pool’s Condition

The pool can accumulate algae and grimes overtime if not maintained properly or due to the environmental factors within the area. The presence of the algae can be tedious to clean especially within the tile’s surface. The cleaning might require extra labor and chemicals to make the pool in pristine condition.


  • The Scope of Work

As mentioned before, service providers have different packages with varying prices. The coverage of the service has a direct impact on the pricing of the package. The package with more inclusions is much expensive.

  • Season

In areas experiencing four seasons, spring up to winter might require extra care and preventive measures per transition of the season. Farrell Pool service offers pool maintenance depending on the season. During spring and fall, the price of pool maintenance is around $200. Meanwhile, during summer or winter, the expense come down to around $60 and $75 respectively.

Spring is one of the seasons with an increased number of uses of the pool and requires damage assessment caused during winter. Meanwhile, during the fall, debris is quite dominant due to the change of environment that might yield additional labor. It is also during this season when it is necessary to conduct preventive measure for winter.


What Else You Need to Know

There are automated pool cleaners available at the market as of today. Such machines can help in the pool maintenance and can be a sound investment for long-term usage. Pool cleaners can scrub tiles and filter debris while submerged underwater.

equipments for chemical cleaning

For commercial pool owners, hiring professional pool cleaners can relieve a lot of tasks and make sure that your premises comply with the local authorities. They also have trained technician that assure the safety of the pool and maintain the water quality.

The water balance between the pH and alkaline level can be sustained properly by trained technicians. It also removes the needs to store chemicals which can take-up space and to avoid having hazardous substances near the pool area.


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