How Much Does Jacuzzi Hot Tub Cost?

Many people aim for luxurious and relaxing experiences in their own homes. Surely, they would like to come home to a soothing, therapeutic wash, and literally just melt away all the stress and tension that they’ve gone through for the day.

This guide will be dealing with potential Jacuzzi prices, along with its inclusions and benefits.

Jacuzzi has rendered so many years in the hot tub industry. Providing buyers the hard-earned relaxation that they deserve. They are indeed a pioneer in the industry that has offered so much and is still a global innovation.


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Jacuzzi Hot Tub Average Cost

On the Jacuzzi website, prices are not published due to the flexibility of each dealer to provide a package for each model that represents the brand. The Jacuzzi website only places the dollar ($) sign on each model description. The more $, the higher the price.


According to Jacuzzi, for entry-level hot tubs ($) this would range around $4,000 up to $7,999. Mid-level hot tubs ($$) cost $8,000 to $11,999 while premium level tubs play around the price range of $12,000 to $15,000. Of course, the highest level would be under luxury whose price ranges from $16,000 and above.

If you are trying to achieve luxury, elegance, and relaxation in one go but have a tight budget, head on to Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Ontario. You can opt to purchase the J-115™ model for $8,995CAD or $7,155USD. This 19 jet tub can help provide relaxation to 3 people at most.

On the other hand, if you have so much to spare, purchasing the J-585 model at $25,995CAD or $20,676USD can help take the stress of your team of 6 today! Take note that if you are purchasing goods from Canada, there may be additional delivery fees and taxes.



Here are the items and services included:

  • Hot Tub – the main star of your purchase.
  • Delivery and Installation – many companies provide this on the price quoted to you. (within U.S. only)
  • Manual – this is included for you to be able to do a step by step maintenance check.
  • Hot Tub Parts (jets, lights, and sound system) – basic inclusions for your hot tub will also be provided.
  • Warranty – companies offer 5 to 10-year warranties on your purchase. Make sure to read the warranty manual before proceeding.


Other Costs to Consider

Here are the expenses not included in the above quotes:

Maintenance – to keep your hot tub fresh, clean, and usable you would need to do routine maintenance. Some of these are done weekly, monthly, and yearly. Here are the items you would need for maintenance:

  • Chemicals – ranges from $15 – $200
  • Filters – $36 to $70
  • Replacement Bulbs – $14 – $80


Utility Expenses – water and electricity bills come monthly and will reflect the price charged when you use the tub.

Additional Accessories – there are many add-ons to the tub which can make your experience even more worthwhile however these come at an additional cost. Accessories and other additional parts may be offered by the same supplier.

Installation – many hot tub dealers provide installation and delivery, but if you will purchase the Jacuzzi hot tub from sites like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba or the likes, you may need to search for contractors that can help you install the tub as well as electricians that will do all the wiring for you.

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Buying Tips

When purchasing your hot tub, make sure to scope out 3 or more dealers to get the best Jacuzzi price.


If you choose a Plug and Play 110v hot tub, you may want to unplug the equipment after use. This saves you money on any running electricity consumption.

Have demos or wet tests to see if this would be the hot tub of your choice. Make sure it’s the one you want to avoid any returns in the future.

If you are interested in a Jacuzzi hot tubs for therapy, consult your doctor to get the model which suits your medical needs the best.


If this is a DIY project, look for the best contractors that can help you set up your hot tub. This includes platform construction, electrical expertise, and might need the use of cranes for mobility.

You can purchase your Jacuzzi hot tubs at Shop the great escape, Orlando Hot tub store, Jacuzzi Hot tubs Portland and more online!

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Cost Factors

Here are the factors that matters:

Location – different cities provide different prices for the hot tubs. If you buy from a different county, delivery fees may spike.


Model – the price may differ depending on the model of the Jacuzzi hot tub. This can be determined by the number of people to potentially use the hot tub.

Landspace – you would need to have space to be able to install your Jacuzzi hot tub. Along with that, you would need to double check with your city council regarding permits needed.

Brand new or Pre-owned – there are many websites that cater to selling second-hand hot tubs. This can cut your expense but be aware of possible defects when it comes to pre-owned items or equipment.

Weather Conditions – if you live in cold places, you may need to turn the heat up in your hot tub. This may cause you higher electricity bills. You may also want to invest in tub jackets and covers to keep the water from getting dirtied by weather elements.


What Else You Need to Know

Interested in purchasing your own hot tub today? You can scope out different forums that provide reviews of which model can serve you the best. In some instances, you would be able to find great deals and dealers on forums too.

Jacuzzi hot tubs are best for therapeutic relaxation and even can even be considered as a muscle relaxant. Many people have experienced better sleep after staying a couple of hours in their hot tubs.

Head on to the Jacuzzi website for a complete list of series and models. Purchase a hot tub today and simply take your stress away!


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