How Much Does Fill Dirt Cost?

Maybe you are searching for materials to fill your newly purchase property, to fix holes or other problem areas. Perhaps you know someone who needs materials to make a foundation for their construction project or landscaping.  Or to be specific, you need to know more about fill dirt, which is why you’re here.

Fill dirt is one of the most valuable commodities in the construction industry. But every type of building materials requires a significant amount of money.

We will help you figure out how much fill dirt cost, where to buy bulk quantities of fill dirt and offer some helpful tips on how to lessen your expenses without compromising the quality and amount of your fill dirt.


Average Cost of Fill Dirt

The fill dirt prices vary widely to their types, their use, and their locations. If you want your old swimming pool to be filled with soil, you would use a clean fill or unscreened fill dirt, which is the most popular type. It may cost around $8 to $16 per cubic yard.

According to Grillo Services, the screened-fill has some of the same values with clean fill but costs more because it does not contain any debris or large rock. For instance, if you have an old pool with an area of 500 square foot, the screened fill dirt could cost you $40 to $80 for every five yards.

On the other hand, the gravel and sand that can be used for landscaping and under Paver could cost from $5 to $20 per ton. The cobbles type that is utilized for paved roads and buildings could range from $22 to $42 per ton.


The quarry Spalls that can be used for muddy driveways and road building can be purchased for $35 to $110 per ton. And the large riprap that is utilized in channels or for drainage and erosion control should cost from $50 to $300 per ton.

Also, consider the trucking and delivery fees in your area. It may range from $50 to $200 per trip, on average.

Factors Affecting the Fill Dirt Cost

We know already that the average cost of fill dirt varies significantly on their types and material. However, bear in mind that it also tends to differ because of some factors, including:

  • The Quantity


Obviously, you need to inflate your financial plan if you need more fill dirt. Filling in a small hole will cost less than building up a low property. So, consult a professional about how much you probably need.

  • The Availability

If there is a little supply in fill dirt in your area and the demand is high, expect to have an increase in prices. However, if there is a large quantity of fill dirt and the demand is low, the prices will tend to decrease. Just always keep in mind the Law of Supply and Demand.

  • The Seller

Be sure to go directly to the primary supplier and avoid the middle-man dealer. They will purchase a truckload of fill dirt from other providers, then deal it to clients at a doubled price.


How to Get Fair Fill Dirt Price

Below are a few suggestions to get a fair deal in purchasing fill dirt.

  • Buy in your local area

Don’t just stick to the average cost of fill dirt, especially those prices you found online. Always consider the fees associated with transporting and shipping. So, find a supplier that operates in your area to avoid concealed charges and save money.

  • Go directly to the source

Again, scouting for the ideal supplier is an important means to get the fill dirt. So, go directly to the primary dealer who can assure of the quality of fill dirt at reasonable prices.


  • Verify the soil composition

You can ask you prospective supplier about the fill dirt that you are buying, like where it originates, its uses, and what’sthe composition. If your seller can’t answer these questions, look for another supplier. A trustworthy seller will be comfortable in giving you details.

  • Calculate the area of your project

Don’t presume how much fill dirt you need for your project. You might end up buying too much or too little soil and that may wreck your budget and project plan. Calculate the dimension of the area using a calculator; get the length, width, and depth. Then check with an expert to work out on some details.


  • Buy in bulk

Ask your potential supplier if they offer bulk rates for fill dirt. If you purchase all your fill dirt all together, you should get a better price than if you get it in several transactions. Not having to shell out for a second delivery will save you money in the end.

dump trucks carrying fill dirt

Where to Buy?

The best place to purchase fill dirt is in your local area. You should look for direct manufacturers and suppliers around you. And you can be sure that they know their soil and you can guarantee that they produce their materials.


There are places that fill dirt can be bought online, as well, similar to other online stores. But be cautious, in some cases, online sellers may just be getting rid of old dirt.

If you require more materials for your project, go to national retailer. But then again, sometimes they are not an ideal option for buying bulk quantities. Fill dirt prices on bulk orders at these depots are consistently high.


Purchasing fill dirt can be a costly thing to do. You must know what composition you need, how much space you need filling, how much does fill dirt cost, how to get a good deal and more.

However, if you establish your budget correctly from the beginning and find a reliable source, you can get a sensible price that is worth your cash. So, be knowledgeable and consider this guide to purchasing fill dirt and avoid any hassles along the way.


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