How Much Does it Cost to Rent Portable Toilets?

Sanitation is one of the essentials that human being needs to prevent illness and keep the environment clean. Public events usually attract huge crowds which make constructed toilets insufficient to service the demands. Therefore, it is required to rent portable toilets to address the sanitation issues.

The cost to rent a porta potty is quite affordable and justifiable to protect the guests’ health. The units are also easy to transport and quite flexible. Such characteristics make the portable units as an irreplaceable solution for sanitation during relief after a disaster. Areas that suffered from disasters require immediate sanitation at the relief shelters to accommodate the number of people.


The Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) and U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulate the number of portable units needed for sanitary purposes for public events. They also provide industry code for sanitation products and services as standardization for quality.

Average Portable Toilet Rental Pricing

The rental rates vary depending on the inclusions, type of portable units, and duration.

But the average cost to rent a porta potty is around $25 to $550 per unit. The standard portable toilet rental costs around $25 to $250 per unit. For deluxe units, the rental rates are around $30 to $450.

Meanwhile, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant units with sufficient space and wheelchair access cost around $42.50 to $300 per unit. For hand wash stations or sinks, the rental rate is around $25 to $98. Luxurious restroom trailers mounted on trucks like recreational vehicles can cost $1,200 to $2,910 per unit.


Service inclusions can vary depending on the service provider. But as basic inclusions, most of the service providers offer the complete package in their portable toilet rental pricing. The items included in the package can yield additional cost depending on the agreed contract.

  • Portable Unit
  • Delivery and Pick-up
  • Set-up and Removal
  • Supplies such as towel, toilet papers, soap, and other toiletries
  • Weekly cleaning and maintenance
  • Accessories and extension like mounted sinks

portable toilets

Other Costs to Consider

As mentioned above, the scope of services varies from one provider to another. Therefore, depending on the service provider, items listed below can be included in the cost or will yield additional cost.

  • Delivery and Set-up

Most of the portable renters provide free delivery and set up of the unit at the site. But for long distance or outside of the serviceable area, there is an additional fee for gas and labor. Same conditions might apply to the removal and pick-up of the unit after the end of the contract.


  • Supplies

Toiletries and sanitary supplies are free or included in the delivery of the unit. But the restocking of the supplies can cost extra depending on the service provider. Some of the rental companies do not provide supplies and require upfront payment for the first set of items. Therefore, make sure to clarify in the contract regarding the supplies specifically for long-term rent.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Units are delivered clean and free of any vandalism. Service providers usually include weekly cleaning and maintenance of the unit in the contract. If not, you might need to hire a contractor for cleaning and pumping out the waste.

The service includes siphoning of the waste, total cleaning of the unit and disposal of the waste. There is a fee for disposal because of the waste treatment facilities and sanitary landfills for proper disposal.


  • Accessories and Extension

The portable units are customizable depending on the requirement of the client. Accessories such as mountable sinks, dispensers, and trash receptacles are installable as an upgrade to the basic unit. Each component can yield additional fee depending on the service provider and the functionality.

  • Damage Waiver

It is a non-mandatory or optional fee which usually ranges from 10% to 15% of the total rental costs. The waiver protects the customers if the units are accidentally damaged or harmed during a natural disaster. The waiver fee is not refundable and does not cover units that are lost or stolen.

The portable potties can cost thousands of dollars per unit which justify the necessity of a waiver. The cost of a brand new portable unit is around $660 up to $2,300 depending on the size and brand.


Buying Tips

The PSAI has a store locator of accredited members of companies in the portable sanitation industry throughout the country. It is also important to contact service providers at least a week ahead of time and to request a quote to determine the overall rental cost. It is to secure a sufficient time to acquire permits and set-up the unit before the event. Also, the minimum duration for renting a portable toilet is around 24 hours.

But during weekends, the unit is delivered in the weekdays and picked up after the weekends. Therefore, it is necessary to plan since deliveries or pick-ups during the weekend can cost extra. The units can be set-up on the desired location based on the client’s demand. But there are limitations, in which the service provider will provide a recommendation and proper adjustment.

Service Providers

VIP Restroom offers portable toilet with prices of $100 to $450 per unit per weekend and with a broad serviceable area throughout the United States. Standard units cost around $100 to $250 while deluxe units are about $175 to $450 per weekend. Wheelchair accessible or ADA compliant portable toilet rental costs for $150 to $300 per weekend.

Listed below are some of the example estimated costs based on their portfolio.

Events Price Inclusions and Details
Construction $175 to $500 per month Service includes delivery, removal, weekly cleaning, and maintenance.
Festivals $2,100 to $4,125 per festival Price estimated on 1,000 guests per day with 12 to 15 units. Service includes delivery, removal, and any cleaning services.
Concerts $175 to $225 per unit per day Estimated $2 per person. Units can serve dozens before needed to be clean.
$800 to $1,200 per small concerts
Emergency $175 to $500 per month Service includes delivery, removal, weekly cleaning, and maintenance.
Marathon $100 to $200 per day The parameter used is 3,000 runners. Estimated $2 to $4 per participant. Based on 1:50 runners.
$6,000 to $12,000
Parties $175 to $225 per weekend Average home or neighborhood party. Service includes delivery, removal, cleaning, and maintenance.
$1,500 to $2,000
Luxury Wedding $300 to $750 The parameters used are 50-100 guests and three units.Service includes delivery, removal, cleaning, and maintenance.

Here are some of the service providers available throughout the country. The table also shows a good comparison of rental fees versus service inclusions. The providers listed below also have certification by the PSAI which increase their credentials.


Name Price Serviceable Area Details
Redi Rental $105 to $155 for portable units Michigan Damage waiver is around 15% of the total rental costs.
$75 for sinks
Star Sanitation $55 to $550 California and Florida No service included in the price. Taxes and other fees are not reflected in the price yet.
Foss Enterprises $25 to 155 Maine They also offer septic pumping at $125 plus disposal fee for 1,000 gal tank.
Blue Rents $135 for Standard Florida and Mississippi The prices do not include the cost of the delivery, set-up, and removal.
$1,200 to $2,910 for restroom trailers
$49 to $98 for wash stations
J Bar Contractor $90 to $95 Texas The prices do include complete service once a week. The service covers cleaning, complete siphoning and restocking of the supplies. Damage waiver is around 10% of the total rental costs.
$55 to $75 for wash stations

Small Portable Toilets for Outdoor Activities

There are sanitation products available in a smaller size which are easy to transport and pack for outdoor activities. Walmart sells flush potty for $40 to $125 if you are looking for portable sanitation for your camping, hiking or fishing activities.

Portable Potty Rental Cost Factors

The primary factor that affects the cost is the rental duration. The longer the duration of the contract, the better deal will be offered by the service providers. It includes a lower monthly fee or free cleaning services for the whole duration of the rent.


A good reference is the price list provided by the Foss Enterprises.

Units Short-term Long-term (six weeks or more)
Standard $85 $25 per week
Deluxe $100 $30 per week
ADA Compliant Unit $155 $42.50 per week
Sink $85 $25 per week

Another factor that affects the cost is the number of attendees and duration of the event. Both have a direct impact on the number of portable potties necessary for the event. The cost per unit between a small and large event can be identical depending on the agreed contract. It is because the service providers tend to offer discounted rates and free services for larger events.


As a rule of thumb, the ratio is 1 unit:10 employees working for 5-days a week for an on-site construction. For parties and events, there is a table provided by the PSAI to determine the necessary number of the unit depending on the number of attendees and duration.

Attendees Number of Hours for Event
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Number of Units Needed
50 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2
100 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3
250 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 6 6 6
500 2 4 4 5 6 7 9 9 10 12
1,000 4 6 8 8 9 9 11 12 13 13

Note: There is a larger table available at the website of VIP Restroom or PSAI.


Therefore, the estimated number of potties depends on the number of attendees and duration of the event. As an example, if there are 1,000 attendees and the duration of the event will last for 3 hours, there should be 8 or more units at the event. Also, there is an additional 10% to 20% of the number of units if alcoholic beverages are involved.

The last factor is the type of the portable unit. The different model of the unit can affect the cost depending on the size and amenities. The models with larger space, functionality, and luxury are more expensive to rent out. Basic units usually only possessed basic urinal units and do not have a flush function.

Meanwhile, deluxe units include foot-operated sinks, water supply, towels, and dispensers. Trailers and luxury models have better accommodation and accessories installed inside them. But they are more expensive to rent in comparison to the standard units.


What Else You Need To Know

If you are hosting a large public event, it is mandatory to consult your local health and sanitation department. Make sure to inquire in regards to any permits and requirements for portable restrooms.

Also, renting portable toilets is necessary regardless if there are available restrooms in the area. There is a possibility that the capacity of the existing restrooms is not sufficient to accommodate the increase of attendees.

The main purpose of renting portable units is to make sure that the attendees are comfortable and to prevent any health hazards. It is also necessary to keep the units clean as prevention for any bacteria outbreak especially in events with food and drinks.


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