How Much Does a Hot Spring Hot Tub Cost?

Can you imagine how great it must be to be soaked in hot water while enjoying the company of your loved ones?

Just picture it: the stars twinkling, the colorful lights, the intimate atmosphere, and a relaxing massage. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, find out the cost of hot spring hot tub and make your dream a reality!


Hot Spring Hot Tub Average Cost 

Having a hot tub provides you with many benefits, in particular, one that is made by Hot Spring. More than improving your home or serving as an entertainment, it can help you with your health and well-being. And it works in three ways:

  • Heat produced increases circulation by dilating your blood vessels.
  • The powerful jets installed can soothe away your tension with a body massage.
  • And buoyancy may relieve your joint stress by reducing your weight by as much as 90%.

See, an effective spa provides a powerful combination of massage and hot water, and Hot Spring guarantees you can have both and more. Also, their products have innovative water care systems, and extra features that will assure you of low operating costs.

With the popular hot tub maker, you are given a wide variety of designs, models, and features which can perfectly fit your needs and lifestyle. And as of writing, the average Hot Springs hot tubs price for a new unit is from $4,000 to $20,000.


All of Hot Spring’s hot tubs offer unparalleled features which you will surely enjoy. Aside from being energy efficient through their SmartJet system, you can expect each of their products to provide you with the best massage experience through their patented and powerful jets.

Their spas also have a water care and filtration system that provides its users the liberty to enjoy clean water without the hassle.

Aside from all the advanced features of their products, Hot Springs Spa Pricing also includes extended warranties on their product’s components, shell surface, leaks, heater, cabinets, light, purification system, remote control, and on all the other innovations found on their various models.


Other Costs to Consider

It is worth noting that if you purchase a brand new spa from an authorized dealer, the cost of Hot Spring hot tub will slightly go higher as there would be additional fees on home consultation, delivery, installation, set up, and service calls.

Naturally, if you were to pick up your own hot tub, install, and do everything yourself then the price you’d have to pay would significantly be lower.

Furthermore, it’s also expected that one of the most important additional costs that you should be aware of is your electricity. Though Hot Spring spas have systems that reduce energy consumption, it will still add up to your total expenses. And costs would vary depending on your chosen model and location.


To give you an idea, given a specific Hot Spring model at Miami, Florida, your monthly cost will be around $11. But this would be different if, let’s say, you’re using the same model in Las Vegas. The cost would be higher amounting to $15 a month. Now, that could go even higher with duration and frequency of use.

And to make your spa experience even more enjoyable, Hot Spring offers accessories – which means more additional costs. They have everything from spa steps to cover lifters and remote monitoring systems.

There are maintenance products as well, which you will need long-term, such as a spa car starter kit, test strips, filter cleaner, concentrated chlorinating granules, and other water care products.

But if you’re too busy to drop by and purchase at one of their local dealers, you could always try online.


Buying Tips

The top-selling hot tub company, Hot Spring, takes pride in not only their products but also their customer service. And to receive only the best of both, it is recommended that you purchase from one of their authorized dealers.

And the easiest way to know where to go, you can make use of our service provider’s widget provided at the end of this article. Fill the form and wait for the dealers to contact you.

Hot Spring Hot Tub Cost Factors

So, if you’ve noticed, the Hot Springs spa pricing range from $4,000 to $20,000 is actually quite wide. And this is because prices vary depending on the type and model of a spa unit.

To make it clearer and easier to understand, here’s a breakdown of the types with its corresponding price:

  • Value-Priced Hot Tubs ($4,000 to $8,000)

With this price range, you can expect high-gloss acrylic shells, synthetic wood-like cabinets and many other fun features like powerful jets lining the seats and LED lights. These are models which are designed to give you a relaxing retreat at a price you can afford.


And if you’re interested, check out Hot Spring’s “Hot Spot” line. Its models include Tempo (6 seats), Relay (6 seats), Rhythm (7 seats), SX (3 seats) and TX (2 seats).

  • Premium Hot Tubs ($6,000 to $10,000)

Spas in this price range tend to offer a better and more satisfying hot tub experience through its advanced features such as jet counts, lighting, and water features. In addition, components like pumps and heater are expected to be of higher quality with its warranty coverage often longer than lower priced spas.

And Hot Spring’s “Limelight” collection is in this price range. Models included are Gleam (8 seats), Pulse (7 seats), Flair (6 seats), Bolt (4 seats), and Glow (4 seats).


  • Luxury Hot Tubs ($9,000 to $20,000)

If you’re willing to invest more for a spa that can deliver superb long-term enjoyment, consider going for Hot Spring’s luxury hot tubs which include the “Highlife” and “Highlife NXT” collections. These models offer the best experience through special features, high-quality components, and construction that is durable and strong.

You can expect very low energy costs, simple operation, minimal maintenance and quality that can last up to 20 years or more.

Aside from the built and model, Hot Springs hot tubs price can also be affected by other factors such as its size. Naturally, since a bigger spa requires more material and more labor, it is more expensive than small hot tubs.


Another factor to consider is a hot tub’s features. The more technology advancements installed, the higher the price. In connection to this, the engineering put into making a hot tub will affect its overall quality – also affecting the total cost.

Remember, a spa with advanced engineering will always be more efficient, intuitive and reliable. And having better quality would impact the life of a hot tub as it would be built to withstand natural elements such as sun, rain, snow, ice, and time.


There’s also the factor of geographic location. For example, purchasing a hot tub at a shop in New York City would always be more expensive than if you buy one from Kansas. This is due to the higher cost of retail space in an East Coast urban city compared to that in the Midwest.

How to Get Cheaper Hot Spring Hot Tubs?

Are the prices indicated not sitting well within your budget? You can always try refurbished or used units. But though pre-owned hot tubs would always cost you less, remember that these come with disadvantages as well.

To give you an idea, a brand new 2007 Grandee which belongs to the Highlife collection and priced at $14,500, is sold at a rate of only $6,000 when previously owned. But, its downside is having a warranty that only covers a year of a trade-in.


So when buying used hot tubs, always consider if a cheaper price is worth not having a long and extensive warranty. In addition, it would be wise to be mindful of a spa’s early life which already has been consumed as this can possibly result in you not getting as many years of use in the future.

Alternatively, not really to make prices cheaper but rather to make things easier for you and your family, you can try to ask your local dealer for financing options. By choosing to pay a low monthly cost that you can afford over a period of time that you’ve agreed upon, having the model that has everything you want would now be possible.


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