How Much Does Chimney Caps Installation Cost?

Chimney caps may be the last thing you’d think of purchasing when your budget’s tight. Chimney caps, however, are sometimes a requirement in order to keep your chimney and connecting components protected from natural causes.

Chimney caps installations are done to keep rain and snow buildup in your chimney. Stray, wild animals and fallen leaves may also be the cause of blockage. Other than to keep things out, chimney caps are also installed to keep rising sparks and embers from coming up the flue and onto the roof which may cause a fire.


Chimney cap on an old cottage chimney pot

So how much does chimney caps installation cost?

Chimney Caps Installation Average Cost

Chimney caps are installed in various ways depending on its basic foundation. If your flue needs some additional customization in order for the cap to be installed, your chimney service company may provide the necessary materials such as mounting brackets.


It is important to first identify what type of chimney you have in your home. There are two main types of chimney:

  • Prefabricated Chimneys – metallic-based chimneys that are simply manufactured in factories as a whole. They cost a lot cheaper than masonry chimneys due to lighter materials used. They can be fitted to less upscale households and can either come with a chase cover or not.
  • Masonry Chimneys – these are the traditional all-brick chimneys. They are entirely made out of stone and concrete. These types are more common in affluent properties. Masonry chimneys may either be lined with a single flue, multiple flues or no flue at all.


As for the cap itself, there are three main materials that generally affect the chimney caps prices:

  • Galvanized Steel Chimney Caps – the cheapest ones with their lightweight material. Usually come in the color black but can be painted to match the house exterior. The downside of the low price point is that it can corrode easily when exposed to extreme temperatures and thus would give this particular type of chimney cap a shorter life span.
  • Stainless Steel Chimney Caps – silver in color and have better durability than galvanized steel. They hold up better against rusting at a mid-range price point and requires little maintenance due to the stainless material.
  • Copper Chimney Caps – the most expensive of the three and have the best material. They can withstand weather phenomena better than the previous two, guaranteed several years of warranty, and have an aesthetic appeal because of the copper color.


Here are sample chimney caps prices from Lowe’s and Northline Express. The chimney caps here are for the basic single-flue chimneys and multi-flue chimneys.

Material Size/Type/Shape Lowe’s

(Shelter brand)

Northline Express

(Gelco brand)

Galvanized Steel 13×13/single-flue/square $32.98 $89.97
17×29/multi-flue/rectangular $83.56 $162.96
Stainless Steel 13×13/single-flue/square $48.98 $127.24
17×29/multi-flue/rectangular $132.02 $197.20
Copper 13×13/single-flue/square $229.77 $348.40
17×29/multi-flue/rectangular $291.75 $622.15

Chimney services companies like Admiralty Chimney gives their chimney caps installation costs at $85 an hour excluding the chimney cap price. The price goes higher depending on the chosen material for the chimney cap and its size. Some may also offer customizations and the prices will vary likewise on the material and size.


The total charge already includes the materials needed and the service fee. Your chimney services company will first pay a visit to your house, inspect your chimney, make some measurements and then give you a quote for the price.

Other Costs to Consider

Other than the actual cost of chimney caps and its installation, if your flue is situated in a difficult position, an additional charge may apply. Severely damaged flue would also require repair, which your hired service crew can fix but of course, for added fees.


After your chimney cap is installed, routine cleaning is required. Admiralty Chimney has a minimum of $200 price point for inspections and cleaning fees of traditional masonry chimneys. Inspections without cleaning can cost at least $85 up to $200.

You can actually do the cleaning yourself to save money. If that is too much work for you, you may hire someone to do the cleaning instead.

Buying Tips

There are some pointers to remember when you are in need of a chimney cap installation or replacement.

  • Warranty – the longevity of the chimney cap material
  • Durability – will the material of the chimney cap keep out animals, leaves, and other debris


  • Customization options – customize size or design of the chimney cap
  • Total cost of the installation/replacement – service charge of the company, inclusions to the service
  • Possible additional free services offered by the company during the installation – this is very important to ask first. While some companies would advertise their free services included to bump sales, some would dish it out to their customers to make them think those are not free of charge.

Unsure of where to look for a chimney caps installation service in your area? You can easily look up on Google. Just type in “Chimney Services Companies + your city or state”. Some companies have websites of their own so you can contact them through their hotlines or emails.

The best possible way to get a good referral is to ask a friend. Personal connections will give you the best and most honest reviews on your local chimney services company.


Online reviews may be a good way, but fraudulent accounts posted by the companies themselves are probable. Anonymous reviews cannot be trusted. In fact, if you have time, check out a reviewer’s social media profile to confirm that they are real people.

It won’t hurt to do some research, especially that you are spending big money on this.

Chimney Caps

Do It Yourself

You can minimize your chimney caps installation cost by going DIY. It is very simple if you are fond of doing a ton of do-it-yourself projects. teaches you five easy steps to create and install your own chimney cap:

  1. Measure your chimney opening
  2. Acquire the materials needed
  3. Cut the materials according to the desired size
  4. Weld the materials into the netting
  5. Attach the finished chimney cap to the chimney


Keep in mind that aside from the cost difference, installing a chimney cap by yourself may be dangerous especially if you have a high-story house or building. Professional chimney installers would have the right equipment to reach those places.

However, if you feel like you are capable of putting a decent chimney cap by yourself, then why not?

Chimney Caps Installation Cost Factors

Here are some factors that can affect the chimney caps prices and the total cost of the installation:

  • Size of your flue – if you haven’t had a chimney cap yet, the size of your flue and materials that would cater to its size. A bigger flue would, of course, require more money.


  • Accessibility of the roof/chimney – professional service crew will assess any problematic obstructions to their installation process. Taller roofs and hardly accessible chimneys would require more work and equipment.
  • Amount of damage in the flue – necessary repairs needed for your flue in order for the chimney caps installation to push through
  • Customization needed – most chimney caps are ready made but if they don’t fit your chimney, then a custom-made cap would be needed and that costs more
  • Actual cost of chimney cap to be installed (according to type) – single-flue chimneys caps cost less than multi-flue chimney caps. Galvanized steel is the cheapest chimney cap while copper chimney cap is the most expensive.
  • Actual chimney cap installation cost (service charge by the company) – this is the amount of service fees the chimney services company will charge you. It varies depending on the company.


What Else You Need To Know

Weighing your options between chimney cap installation companies and even going do-it-yourself is the first step.

When selecting between companies, searching for customers’ reviews may help you with your end decision. Then comes the budget factor. Which of the company service will be a shoe-in for your budget? Spending more, as long as with good quality service, will definitely save you more in the future.

Same as with going DIY, look for the best quality materials instead of zooming in on the cheapest ones. Investing good money in good products that last long is better.


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